Wednesday, August 6, 2008

this is not adieu just a short au revoir


i will no longer hold on to this subterfuge
believing this act is no longer for use
i am hurt and to punish is not the cure
to sanction the present is for the future

not because of a man nor his just reason
that led me into this nutty, stupid decision
to leave this mundane is a reciprocative deed
of my brain and logic and heart that is in grieve

this is such a disgraceful act i know
shutting a piece of me will only show
that i am weak, surrendered and craven
ehenna, avernus, and egressing heaven

this is not adieu just a short au revoir in due
and will return when my soul tells the cue
when will i comeback? that is still weak unclear
maybe if i found the strength and forgot my fear